A friend of mine wanted to visit his family in Durango Colorado but he didn't have a car. It was very late at night and I was a young man with no obligations or family so I decided to give him a ride there on a whim. It was one of the most fun trips I have ever been on. I remember he had already been doing some packing to go on a bus, so he was ready. At 3 am left Texas headed for Colorado.

We drove all night through some pretty boring country and interstates until we reached Santa Fe New Mexico. It was a very scenic old town. We traveled north of their until we reached Chama Pass on our way into Colorado from the south. The Colorado mountains began to loom from there. The trees were mostly very tall pines. The air became crisp and clean. As we headed to Pagosa Springs, I was amazed at how the mountains grew even larger at the passing miles. The roads twisted endlessly through mountains and valleys as we headed to Durango. Durango is a nice town, with a old train, I believe they use to give tourists rides.

I was able to stay with his family for a short time as a guest which was nice. I also stayed in a hotel in town. The town was reasonably priced on food and accommodations before noon, but afterwards would return to tourist prices.

His family lived 10 miles up in the mountains from Durango. My friend had brought his mountain bike. I remember he was in town and called and wanted me to bring his bike to the downtown. It was a hair raising experience, going downhill, riding the brakes, on that mountain bike. I probably never got below 45 mph and the trip took only 15 minutes or less to go 10 miles. The town was amazingly fun, with river boat rides, train rides, the people were very friendly. I highly recommend anyone to vacation in Colorado!

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Durango Colorado